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Certified Marriage Certificate Translation

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A marriage certificate is an important document that certifies the act of marriage and the date, time and place it takes place. If you and your spouse have had a ceremony that legally binds you to each other and your wedding took place in a foreign country, your wedding certificate might be in a different language. You are going to need a Certified Marriage Certificate Translation.

In what cases do I need to translate my Marriage Certificate?

✅ For Legal Uses of a Marriage Certificate the document is required to be in the official language of that country.

In almost every country, although you may be traditionally married and recognized by your religious or social group, you still need to get an official document approving your marriage. In most situations you are required to submit your Marriage Certificate supporting your marital status. Wherever your wedding takes place, for legal use of a marriage document in another country, the document is required to be in the official language of that country.

✅ If you are planning to have a Destination Wedding. If your wedding takes place in a country with a different language than the one you reside in, your document needs to be translated.

Similarly, having a destination wedding is also much in trend nowadays. But then you may have to translate your marriage certificate to English or otherwise get translated to local languages where you reside.

✅ If you are having a Transnational Marriage you are required to handle his/her documentation in the Official language of the country where the wedding is taking place.

The wedding concept has changed of recent, people of different nationalities getting married is a usual norm in this era of global community. A wedding itself is challenging enough to arrange as it is without having to worry about your documentation being in the right language.

TranslateDay is a Official Legal Document Translation Agency specialized in Certified Marriage Certificate Translation, authorized by state, federal and local governments, certified member of ATA and USCIS Approved.

Why do you need a Marriage Certificate Translation to be Certified?

A marriage certificate is a very important document considered to be a Legal Document, and like other Legal Documents it is valid for several legal works. Regarding these legal matters, courts do not accept translated documents that are not certified or authenticated by a professional. Translated documents used in legal processes must have some guarantee that the content is authentic and has not been modified in any way, and this is when our role becomes vital.

Translation must be highly accurate, and this can only be guaranteed if a Certified Translation Badge is provided alongside with the document, proving that the translation was made by Officially Certified Translators. This is when our role becomes vital.

❌ NEVER TRUST services offering you a free marriage certificate translation. Your translation needs to be certified and accurate to be valid for most cases.

TranslateDay provides only Certified Translation: Documents issued by Professional Translation Agencies that provide a certificate of accuracy and completion along with the translated documents, certifying that all detailed statement is true, accurate and complete and that the person who translated the document is fluent in the language that the document was translated to.

How to translate a Marriage Certificate? 

No one wants to mess up with something as important as a Legal Document. A small mistake and you do not know where you are heading to.

Can anyone translate a Marriage Certificate? – The short answer is: No.

✅ Translation and interpretation is a highly skilled and specialized task that require proper care to give the most accurate result. If the translation goes wrong, you will have to pay a huge price for it – which demands a lot of time, money and effort, while it can sometimes give rise to other legal issues for the people involved in it.

In some cases, regarding immigration for example the wrong interpretation may prompt the dismissal of your citizenship and migration in your record. As we also mentioned, courts do not accept documents that are not certified or authenticated by a professional.

So, again, you cannot have documents that are not translated by a professional expert. Legal matters are not something that you should be taken lightly; as opposed they must be handled with care.

Why not hire a legal document translation service provider like TranslateDay? It might sound to be an expensive affair, but it is actually very cheap and recommended because it is highly trustworthy.

See our About Us Section for more info regarding our Translation Company.

How to get a Marriage Certificate translated?

Lets look at the most Frequently Asked Questions to clarify this topic:

Where to translate my Marriage Certificate? Do I need a Marriage Certificate Translation Service near me?

✅ You do not need to go anywhere, you can get your Wedding Document translated and delivered 100% Online by TranslateDay.

Who can translate a marriage certificate?

✅ TranslateDay is authorized wedding certificate translation service provider and certified member of ATA. We translate marriage certificate to English and vise verse to over 65 other different languages in few simple and easy steps; making legal proceeding less tedious.

What process does TranslateDay follow to translate my Marriage Certificate?

✅ No matter what the language it is, translating marriage certificates is quite simple and convenient with TranslateDay.

We accept any kind of commonly used document including DOCX, PDF. You can even upload photos from your mobile phone and we will work on them. We understand that your documents are really important and must be kept secured. So first and foremost, we instantly encrypt the certificate that needs to be translated. We only employee authorized translator lest putting your documents at any security risk thus making you feel totally assured.

Translation of any legal document is a highly risky job that requires utmost perfection and accuracy as any wrong information can lead to serious issues as much as to national security as well. Therefore we employ only skilled and experienced translators for the job. The assignment is carried out by our team of professional translators who can produce most precise meaning. Our team of translators has been carefully selected to meet the industry standards and they are meticulously trained. We take special care to check each translator’s background before letting them proceed with the job.

We have so far successfully translated over thousands of all such documents with the help of our specialized team of translators skilled in all major foreign languages. We produce accurate interpretation matching to each local language and law. Marriage certificates are also important for visa application and job permit if the country asks for sponsors.

The service provided by TranslateDay is quick, clean and smooth without any unnecessary procedures and delay, and we take takes just 24 hours for the translation of 2 pages of content for any kind of translation.

All our translation works are accepted and approved by USCIS, state, federal, and local governments.

How much does a Marriage Certificate Translation cost?

$23 Translation Price per Page. No hidden fees. This translation is Certified, valid for USCIS, legal processes, and accepted by state, federal and local governments.

How much does a CERTIFIED Marriage Certificate Translation cost? 

✅ Again: $23 Translation Price per Page. At TranslateDay EVERY translation is a Certified Translation, done by Professional Translators and has 100% USCIS Acceptance.

At TranslateDay we do not like complications as much as you don’t. A page has 250 words or less, one-sided, and letter size (8.5”x11”) or A4 dimensions or smaller. We do not charge any translation rate per hour, there are no hidden fees, no small print, just simple pricing.

This price includes the complete process of translation, certification and delivery of your document. Check our Rates and Prices page for more info.

Translateday Badge-Certified Marriage CertificateOur most requested Marriage Certificate Translation Services:

Marriage Certificate Translation for USCIS

In a request to interpret the marriage application for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), it is important that the interpretation of the birth statements, marriage declarations and so on, are precise and do not contain any mistakes. It is on the grounds that the wrong interpretation may prompt the dismissal of your citizenship and migration in your record.

There are different marriage authentications, translation administrations accessible for USCIS. It is vital that the record and interpretation must be in English. Along-side the equivalent, it is additionally vital that the interpretation contains the affirmation from the interpreter that shows that the interpretation is finished and precise. It should likewise be verified for his or her skill as an interpreter. Aside from the equivalent, it is likewise fundamental that you have a legitimate learning.

TranslateDay provides official USCIS certified translation for all kinds documents including USCIS Translation of Marriage Certificate, Bank Statements Translation, USCIS Birth Certificate Translation Notarized, etc. TranslateDay employes the most experienced translators to bring their clients a thorough translation with a touch of expertise.

If you are in a migration process US-Canada or Canada-US please check What are the US Canada Immigration Laws for Marriage? and refer to our Blog for other related topics.

Spanish to English and English to Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation Service

Our scope of services is wide and provided in multi languages. If you require to translate wedding certificates from Spanish to English, or if you need any language marriage certificate translated to English we can give you the best in translation service

If you require your wedding certificate or marriage license to be translated in Spanish or from English to Spanish, we can also give you the best in translation service which is accurate, quick and also secure by our group of Spanish scholars who will assist you with it. 

TranslateDay is specialized in translation of marriage certificates from Spanish to English and vice-verse.

German to English and English to German Marriage Certificate Translation Service

We handle translation of your marriage certificate or marriage license very professionally at TranslateDay. We have a team of proficient German translators, on whom you can blindly rely to get your marriage certificate translation from English to German or the vice-versa.

French to English and English to French Marriage Certificate Translation Service

Wedding translate from French to English or translation of marriage certificates to French is also provided at TranslateDay with the help of our team of French experts who give the best and accurate work within your time span.

TranslateDay has been providing Certified Marriage Translation Services since its inception. We are proud of the positive feedbacks that we have received from our clients.

Arabic to English and English to Arabic Translation Service

If you require translating a Marriage Certificate or any kind of legal document translated to Arabic, TranslateDay will give you the best in translation service for Arabic Translations, which is accurate, quick and also secure. Of course, we can also provide you Arabic Translation for USCIS.

Russian to English and English to Russian Translation Service

If you need Russian Translations, you need your Marriage Certificate translated or any kind of legal document translated to Russian, our bilingual translators at TranslateDay are expert in providing you the best services. Of course, we can also provide you Russian Translation for USCIS.

Dutch to English and English to Dutch Translation Service

For Dutch Translations, TranslateDay will give you the best in translation service which is accurate, quick and also secure. Trust us for translating your Marriage Certificate or any kind of legal document translated to Dutch.

TranslateDay has been providing Certified Legal Document Translation Services since its inception.

We are here to serve you. Let us know if you have any questions regarding you order, please check our FAQ or Contact us.



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