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Marriage Certificate Translation

The wedding concept has changed of recent. People of different nationalities getting married is a usual norm in this era of global community. A wedding itself is challenging enough to arrange as it is without having to worry about your documentation being in the right language. Similarly having destination wedding is also much in trend nowadays. But then you may have to translate your marriage certificate to English or otherwise get translated to local languages where you reside.

If you and your spouse have had a ceremony that legally binds you to each other, then your marriage must be legally recognized in that country where it was performed and also where you belong and also where you reside. In many countries, though you maybe traditionally married, which is recognized in your country, religious or social group, you still need to get an official document approving your marriage. In some situations you are required to submit your marriage certificate supporting your marital status. Wherever your wedding takes place, legal use of that marriage certificate in another country requires has to be in the language of that country. This is when our role becomes vital. If your marriage certificate is not in English or in the required language, then it needs to be translated. Thus we understand that a marriage certificate is an important document and like other legal documents it is valid for several legal works, and its translation must be highly accurate and of good quality. Translate Day has been providing certified translation services since its inception and we are proud of the positive feedbacks that we have received from our clients.

We have so far successfully translated over thousands of all such documents with the help of our specialized team of translators skilled in all major foreign languages. We produce accurate interpretation matching to each local language and law. Marriage certificates are also important for visa application and job permit if the country asks for sponsors.

No matter what the language is, translating marriage certificate is quite simple and convenient with Translate Day. We accept any kind of commonly used document including DOCX, PDF. You can even upload photos from your mobile phone and we will work on them.

We understand that your documents are really important and must be kept secured. So first and foremost, we instantly encrypt the certificate that needs to be translated. We only employee authorized translator lest putting your documents at any security risk thus making you feel totally assured.

Translation of any legal document is a highly risky job that requires utmost perfection and accuracy as any wrong information can lead to serious issues as much as to national security as well. Therefore we employ only skilled and experienced translators for the job. The assignment is carried out by our team of professional translators who can produce most precise meaning. Our team of translators has been carefully selected to meet the industry standards and they are meticulously trained. We take special care to check each translator’s background before letting them proceed with the job.

The service provided by TranslateDay is quick, clean and smooth without any unnecessary procedures and delay, and we take takes just 24 hours for the translation of 2 pages of content for any kind of translation. All our translation works are accepted and approved by USCIS, state, federal, and local governments.

Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services 

Our scope of services is wide and provided in multi languages. If you require your marriage certificate to be translated in Spanish or from Spanish to English, we can give you the best in translation service which is accurate, quick and also secure by our group of Spanish scholars who will assist you with it. 

German to English and English to German translation services

We handle translation of marriage certificate very professionally at TranslateDay. We have a team of proficient German translators, on whom you can blindly rely to get your marriage certificate translated to German to English or the vice-versa.

French to English and English to French translation services

Translation of marriage certificates from French to English or English to French is also provided at Translate Day with the help of our team of French experts who give the best and accurate work within your time span.



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