What are the US Canada Immigration Laws for Marriage?

US and Canada immigration Laws for marriage

There are many cases concerning the US Canada immigration of marriages between US and Canadian citizens. There is no current law, may it be that of a US immigration laws marriage or Canadian law, that allows automatic right to permanent citizenship or residence. Many people don’t realize this, and simply start settling in the spouse’s country. If discovered, this may lead to lifelong problems. To be able to avoid any kinds of problems, spouses should start the   process as soon as possible. Couples should not move to the other country until the complete compliance of the immigration.

When moving to the US, couples have three main choices:

  • Apply for a fiance(e) visa before marriage.
  • Apply for an immigrant visa after marriage (if living outside the US).
  • Apply for an adjustment of status (if living in the US).

The US immigration laws marriage requires the US spouse to provide economic support to the Canadian spouse in a form of an Affidavit of Support. If the income of the US spouse isn’t enough, a co-sponsor will be needed.

When moving to Canada, the US spouse has two options:

  • Apply for immigrant visa (if living outside Canada).
  • Apply for Canadian permanent residence (if presently living in Canada).

Canada supports same-sex and opposite-sex marriages, so, a fiance(e) visa isn’t needed. If the US spouse has a criminal conviction, an immigration waiver may be needed via a “rehabilitation” process.

All necessary papers must be completely submitted to go on with the process. English documents are needed, so consider hiring a legal documents translator’s help for a professional translation.

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