October 6, 2015
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❓ What Languages do you translate?

📝 TranslateDay translates documents in many languages, including US English, UK English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic.

✅ You can also Contact Us if you need translations to any other language.

❓ What Type of Documents can you translate?

📝 We are a Document Translation Agency specialized in Legal Document Translation including: Transcripts, Press releases, Birth certificates and any other Legal Paper.

📝 We can also translate any other kind of document.

✅ Check all of our most requested Certified Legal Translation Services.

❓ What is a Certified Translation?

📝 A Certified Translation is one which uses our corporate letterhead and has a statement of certification in PDF format.

✅ All of the translations provided by TranslateDay are Certified Translations, signed by a Professional Document Translator

✅ Read more on Certified Translations and Notarized Translations process.

❓ Do you also provide Notarized Translations?

Yes, we do, but those need to be arranged before the order is placed.

✅ Every translation is Certified, but not every translation is Notarized by default, so please, let us know if you need a Notarized Translation and we will tell you how to proceed.

❓ How does the Translation Process work?

📝 As you place your order, your documents will be translated and reviewed by a translator in the chosen language.

✅ After its completion, the document is proof-read by another translator to check the quality.

✅ Once everything is polished you will receive a secure link to the translated document via email.

❓ When is the Best Time to reach you?

✅We are available from Monday – Friday regularly.

✅ If you have urgent matters or concerns during weekends please feel free to leave us a message and we will reply the soonest time we can.

❓ Since you are only available during Weekdays, what if I happen to place the Order on a Weekend?

⏳ Have no worries, as we will still process the transaction for you. You will just have to allow us 24 – 48 hours to get it done.

❓ What if I’m not happy with the translation, can you revise it?

✅ Of course, we can. Your documents are entitled up to 3 revisions. Just send the files back to us and we will be more than happy to revise the entire translation for you to be completely satisfied.

✅ After 12 years of service translating legal documents we have never received a document from any client to be revised back. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our service.

❓ How long does the Translation Process take?

⏳ The speed of the translation process largely depends on the language, volume, and complexity of the document.
For a simple 1-3 pages document, it will take up to 24 hours.

❓ How do you translate Legal Documents so quickly?

✅ We understand the urgency most of our clients have when they are in need of a Legal Document Translation. Thus we keep up with the demand thanks to our large team of trustwhorthy Legal Document Translators, who can effectively handle both speed and quality altogether.

✅ We make sure our Legal Translators receive your documents in a minimum time after you place your order, so that they can start working in your document ASAP.

❓ How do you keep my Information Secured?

🔒 The documents are sent through a 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the highest point of security.

🔒 We never hold your billing information. For total safe-keeping, they’re directly sent to our bank.

🔒 We do not share any of your personal information or documents with any entity outside TranslateDay.

🔒 Your documents can only be seen by verified technical specialists that have signed Legal Confidentiality Agreements.

🧾 Check our privacy policy to further learn about how we handle your personal information and security. (Privacy Policy)

❓ Do you have Offices in my Location? Do you offer Translation Services near me?

🌎 TranslateDay is a 100% Internet-Based Agency that operates remotely all around the globe. Thus, all orders are to be processed online.

✅ To maintain low operating costs, we do not do in-person consultations, establish public satellite offices, or accept any documents in person, the whole translation process is completely online.

❓ How much does it cost to translate a document?

💰 Our translation rate is $23.00 USD Translation Price per Page. We do not like complications, there are no hidden fees.

❓ What is considered to be a Page?

📝 A Page can be considered as 250 words or less.

📝 A Page is also considered a One-sided page with letter size (8.5” x 11”), A4 dimensions or smaller.

📝 An excess of 250 words per Page is considered an additional page and is priced accordingly following the same rate of $23.00 for every extra 250 words.

✅ No hidden fees, simple pricing.

❓ How Can I Pay?

💳 You can make use of any of the most common online payment methods: Paypal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express or any other credit card accepted by our systems.

🏛️ Paypal also accepts any kind of card, even payments comming directly from your bank account.

❓ What is the Payment Process like? Is it secure?

✅ When you finish uploading your documents, filling the contact form and choosing the language in which you wish your documents to be translated to, you will be redirected to the platform of the payment method of your choosing.

🔒 For total safe-keeping the whole payment process is done via Paypal and RedSys platforms. Both are totally secure payment methods, there is nothing to worry. Read more on Paypal Safety & Security.

🔒 Our systems do not hold any record of your personal or payment information, as payments are directly sent to our bank.

🔒 Payment is made as the order is placed. Paypal and Redsys are the most highly secured online payment methods, so there is nothing to worry.

❓ What if my card or payment method is rejected?

❌ It does not usually happen, but sometimes your card may be rejected by the bank or payment platform of your choosing.

This is something we do not have control over, because it has to do with your bank and our external payment platforms.

✅ Please try with another payment method or a different card type or speak directly to your bank so that they can assist you in solving your problem or give you assistance.

❓ Are Certified Translations more expensive than Conventional ones?

No, you do not have to pay extra for this service. Every translation provided by TranslateDay is a certified translation signed by Professional Translators.

❓ How do I get started? What is the whole Translation Process like?

📝 Go to our Start your order page.

📝 Upload your document.

📝 Fill in your contact details and languages in which you wish your documents to be translated to.

💳 Choose your payment method to be redirected to the desired payment platform.

💳 Fill your payment information. Do not worry, these are the highest security methods in the internet, your data is encrypted and secured.

✅ If everything has gone right you will be then redirected to the order confirmation site that contains a summary of your order.

📧 In the next 5 minutes you will receive a confirmation email to the e-mail address you provided us. Do not forget to check on Spam!

✅ Feel free to answer that e-mail for any question regarding your order.

🔐 You will then receive your document translated, encrypted and certified within the specified time.

❓ What is TranslateDay money back guarantee?

✅ If you’re not happy, we will give your money back. Big word! Yes, But we stand by it. We provide 100% money back guarantee. However, they should at least fall under these circumstances:

❌ TranslateDay fails to finish translating the documents within its respective timeframe.
❌ TranslateDay completely mistranslated the documents even if they have been revised thrice.
❌ If the refund is requested within 10 days after purchase.

❓ Can I cancel my translation?

Yes, you can cancel your transaction if your purchase or order hasn’t been started yet.

✅ You can coordinate with our Customer Service regarding the status of your order. If you have a change of heart and would like to change the document you initially submitted, please let us know immediately as we only have a 12-hour turnaround process for such request.

❓ Which file format or document type you accept?

✅ We accept any kind of commonly used format or type of documents, including but not limited to DOCX, PDF, and even photos directly uploaded from your mobile phone as long as the content is visible. We will respect your format and styling of your documents

Frequently Asked Questions


TranslateDay is here to serve you. Feel free to Contact Us for any further question or assistance request or leave us a comment in this post.

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