What is USCIS?

USCIS is the government agency of the United States, operating under the Department of Homeland Security, which facilitates U.S. Citizenship and immigration services.

USCIS manages the process that allows current permanent residents and U.S. citizens to bring close relatives to live and work in the United States. For this behalf you must submit certain legal documents. Check the updated list of accepted documents in the official USCIS Website

But beware, there are still some more requisites you must take into account before you submit them to USCIS. In this post you will learn all the details and requirements regarding your USCIS process.

USCIS Requirements for Immigrants

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USCIS Translation Requirements

In this section we will take a look at the 2 main USCIS requirements regarding documents submitted:

1. Submitted documents must be in English

2. Translated Documents must be Certified

The main requirement stablished by USCIS regarding immigration processes is that any document originally written in a foreign language for the US (Any language that is not English) is not valid. Therefore, translation of documents for immigration in the US are a must.

Regarding the translated documents, they need to have a valid USCIS Translation Certification attached to the translated document. After this, the document will be a valid Certified Document.

What is a USCIS Translation Certification?

Official entities like USCIS must have some guarantee that the translated content is authentic has not been altered in any way regarding the original one. For this matter, USCIS have created certain certification or tests that translators must pass in order to be able to carry out USCIS translations.

Translation of documents for immigration can only be guaranteed if an Officially Certified Translator (Member of the ATA) provides a Certified Translation Badge alongside with the document.

вќЊ NEVER TRUST services offering you free certified translations services for USCIS. All documents they offer do not meet USCIS translation requirements and are therefore not inadmissible. Your translation needs to be certified and accurate to be valid for most cases.

Any translated document that contains a Certified Translation Badge signed by a Professional Certified Translator is then considered to be a Certified Translation.

USCIS Common Questions and Answers

In the following section you will learn everything you need to know about translation of documents for immigration and how we,, as the best USCIS translation service, can help you apply for work permits, visas, citizenship, and more.

вњ… The short answer is: No, unless you are a Official USCIS Certified translator.

Only certified translators that pass the official tests to become USCIS certified translator are allowed to translate documents for USCIS Immigration Processes.

Translations you can use for this purpose are usually documents issued by a Professional Translation Agency like TranslateDay. Our translations meets all USCIS translation requirements and provides a certificate of accuracy and completion along with the translated documents. Certifying that all detailed statement is true, accurate and complete and the person who translated the document is fluent in the language that the document was translated to.

Translated legal documents for legal procedures (like USCIS immigration process) are extremely sensitive and translation must be highly accurate and true. If you think about it, any document can be translated with some sort of error, or, in worst cases it may be falsified or altered.

вњ… The only way to make sure that the document is accurate and true is to have a certification badge along with the translator sign attached to the translated document

вќ— Immigration documents for USICS should always be accompanied by a full English language translation, this is one of the main USCIS translation requirements.

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вњ… Certified Translations are documents issued by a Professional Translation Agency that provide a certificate of accuracy and completion along with the translated document.

For USCIS the certificate must be accepted by USCIS and meet every USCIS translation requirement, certifying that all detailed statement is true, accurate and complete.

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