4 Main Types of Legal Translation

December 9, 2020

Legal translation is referred to as the translation of documents that facilitate the regulation of legal relationships. It entails translating legal documents necessary for bringing different kinds of international relations into practice and translating legal texts to exchange experience and information among legal professionals of different countries.

This kind of translation is known to be one of the most difficult and the reason is that the translator doesn’t need to have robust language skills and also doesn’t need to have excellent knowledge in international standards, several legislations, and law. For this reason, the translated text needs to be sufficient from the legal perspective to attain a professional and precise result.

Legal translation comes with its requirements and depends on the language that it has to be translated into, and the kind of document itself. There are at least four commonly requested types of legal translation highlighted as follows:

1. Contract Translations

Contract Translations happen when you are expected to provide a translated document for the legal work, such as a contract or patent, several countries will require that they are authorized to authenticate their linguistic accuracy.

Some of the certified translations are done in-house with certified teams that are capable to attest to the precision and quality of their legal translations. The caveat here is that any discrepancy could result in the terms and conditions depicting different meanings or might be too ambiguous for a court to make a robust decision.

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4 Main Types of Legal Translation

2. Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to consumers, organizations, and businesses. The consumers that are dealing with the brand need to have access to all the terms and conditions related to the services, general business policies, and products.

4 Main Types of Legal Translation

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It is also important to have the opportunity to inform customers about their obligations when they register for any services, give their consent, and purchase the products to handle their data. These will serve as the legal backup should any customer decide to take a legal step against the brand. Therefore, it is important to ensure that everything is accurately translated.

4 Main Types of Legal Translation

3. Intellectual Property Translations

Intellectual Property Translations come into play when designing your technology or products. There are several kinds of intellectual property translations that are suitable for an international brand.

The purpose of having intellectual property rights is to make sure that people don’t copy your brand and products freely. It also enables you to have the legal backing to take decisive action against any party that copies your products illegitimately.

4 Main Types of Legal Translation

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Legal Market Research has gained importance due to the fact that every market has its personalized regulations for both foreign and local businesses.

As a brand, you’re expected to know the countries that you are targeting and whether you want to operate within the country or sell as a foreign business. Regardless of the path chosen, key business decisions have to be compliant with these regulations and this includes the finance, documentation, refund policies, marketing campaigns, product safety, and more.

4 Main Types of Legal Translation

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You will need legal support in every target market coupled with relevant information that will have to be translated for individuals and departments. From the advertising instructions for the marketing departments to the instructions laid down for the sales teams, everyone must have access to the essential legal information translated into their language.

4 Main Types of Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents covers different areas such as international law, criminal, tax, commercial, civil, administrative, constitutional, and other kinds of legal relationships. The caveat here is that any discrepancies or errors can result in a legal crisis. This can include minor inadequacy or innocent typing errors that can affect such as the non-registration of a translation. This may not preclude the possibility of claims and property damages lodged at the court.

For this purpose, the translation of the legal documents must have a certain qualification. The legal translations are performed by experienced translators that have had substantial work experience.

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The Problems of Legal Translation

Now that we know about the 4 main types of Legal Translation lets look at the 3 Main Problems of Legal Translation:

Problem #1 : Special Requirements

The legal translation also poses special requirements for the use of style and language – accurate use of style ensures logical structure, preciseness in formulations, and the genuineness of the content.

Due to this, the exceptional translation of legal documents entails not only an adequate amount of legal expertise but also a very good command of the precise legal language.  

Problem #2 : Purpose of the Translation

Also, the purpose of the translation needs to be considered, as translation can be applied for information and this is required to execute notarial certification.

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Problem #3 : Law in Different Countries

Another complexity of legal translation has to do with the fact that asides from the style and language that differs, there is a variety in the legal system among the countries as well. This has to do with the formation of the original text by following the rules outlined in the country of origin and this entails using the right language.

Besides the specific terms, there are legal phrases that depict a specific legal meaning and the translation of such legal phrases is even more complicated since it requires robust knowledge of the legal system.

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