Who Can Apply for a US Immigration Work Permit?

US Work Permit Visa

People looking for greener pastures always consider working in the US. In fact, the country welcomes thousands of workers from foreign lands every year. However, before a foreigner can start working, s/he should be able to provide a US immigration work permit first.

For security purposes, there are only certain people who could apply for the working permit. This includes the following:

  • Non-immigrant workers

They are also called temporary workers as they have no plan to secure permanent residency in any of the states. They enter the country for a specific purpose only; to work. Since they are not official residents, their activities and their stay are limited to that stated in their visa.

  • Travelling workers

There’s no doubt that, sometimes, one’s work will bring him to the US. In this case, he should be able to provide a B-1 visa or visa for temporary business visitor.

  • Exchange guests

This may include working students and exchange workers of companies basing in the US or has a branch there. To start off, they must have a permit from the school or company. This permit then needs to be approved by authorized officials.

  • Employees of a US-based company

Employees accepted in one of the companies based in the US can easily process their US immigration work permit. This is a necessary step to avoid complication later on.

  • Permanent Worker

Once a foreigner is authorized to live in the US, he’ll automatically avail a permit to work there.

These different types of people qualified to take a US immigration work permit have varied conditions and requirements. It is important to comply with everything needed during the application. Also, remember that English documents are required. So, it’s best to hire legal document translation services to smoothly proceed.

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