How Long Does It Take To Get US Immigration Citizenship?

USA immigration citizenship

When planning to stay in the US permanently, it is important that US immigration citizenship papers be processed immediately. The process is long and could take less or more than a year. If you are not living in the US yet, you need to immigrate and spend five years in one of the states to establish your permanent residence. After five years, you can start applying for naturalization. Naturalization is when the state grants a foreigner the chance to have US immigration citizenship, given that all other requirements are fulfilled. If you are married to a US citizen or serving in the army, the state may require you less than five years to apply for naturalization. Once a permanent residence, you can start processing your official US immigration citizenship application. This may take six months or years. Your papers must also be translated to English if they’re written in foreign languages. You may need to hire a translator  to fully cover this step.

The speed of your application may depend on how efficiently and accurately you filled up the citizenship application form or N-400. If you need to boost the speed of your application, you can ask a US citizen immigration services. They will be able to ensure that you are making the necessary steps rightly. US citizen immigration services can also help make sure that there are no delays in your application. You can approach United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) if you have any questions.

After filling the application, USCIS will review it and schedule you for an interview and immigration test. How long this next step takes depends on how long the waiting list is in your location.

Finally, when you passed the test and interview, you can take the oath of citizenship. The waiting for this last step usually lasts from one to 180 days, depending on your location. Since the whole process time varies, it is advisable that you visit US citizen immigration services’ sites to give you a guide on what to do.

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