What is the Goal of Specialized Translation?

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We live in a world interconnected by technology, commerce and communications. Millions of people from different latitudes carry out all kinds of exchanges daily. Whether for personal or professional needs, there are times when a specialized translation service becomes imperative. Commercial, labor, educational or specialized medical translations are some translations we may need at some point.

What happens when you need to carry out a process abroad in a language other than your mother tongue? One that you do not know how to speak or write in?

You might at first think there are numerous online translation tools available on the internet that can aid you for your translation process. While this is true and you can definitively obtain good results for non critical matters, you will rapidly acknowledge that these translations tools are not very useful for important matters or specialized documents.

You might then think you can hire some friend that studies translation, or even someone who is already a professional translator and masters both languages very well. While this is better than any automated translation tool, you should know that this is not enough for some cases.

If it is a matter of a specialty, say Legal Businesses, Oficial documents or Immigration procedures, certain terms involve knowledge in some field that would not normally be part of a translator’s or translation student’s general knowledge. Plus, sometimes you will be requested to have your document signed by a certified professional translator. Otherwise, things can get very complicated.

A bad translation can easily delay a legal procedure, cancel a ongoing immigration process, get someone rejected from a scholarship or job offer, or even make someone guilty of a document falsification crime.

So, you finally reach to the point where you need someone to translate something that is too specific for almost any general translator to know about: Then, you need specialized translation services.

1. Reasons why you may need to hire Specialized Translation Services

The first reason why you might need to use specialized translation services is because you are explicitly asked to prove that you have used specialized and professional qualified translation service to translate certain kind of documents. This type of proof can only be obtained either through a Certified Translation and is very common during legal document translation, like the ones we carry out in TranslateDay.

For example, when you deliver your birth or marriage certificate to a government agency or institution, you are required to handle a certified document. If you think of it, these legal documents must have some kind of proof that they have not been altered or modified in any way, and that they do not differ from the original one.

Another reason why you might need specialized translations is when the document is written for a specific topic that requires a professional translator to know. This is especially important when an impeccable translation is required for a certain procedure. In addition to the permit procedures, there are various documents that require specialized translation.

Other documents that require special translation services are certificates, letters of recommendation, criminal records, medical certificates. And even bank statements. In the case of companies, since they do business with other countries that do not necessarily speak the same language, they will also require it. For example, to draft contracts for foreign clients, but also to translate manuals, books, among other writings.

This means that a certified and specialized translation services are not only limited to short documents, such as a letter of recommendation. It can also be a long document like a book, financial report, etc.

2. What is the most requested Type of Specialized Translation Service?

Overall, professional translation services can be of three types:

  1. Written translation
  2. Interpreting (Simultaneous interpreting or Consecutive interpreting)
  3. Transcription

When it comes to general translation services, the most requested type of is written translation of documents. No doubt. Inside this category there are many types of specialized translation, so it is very hard to know exactly which one is more popular. From our experience, it varies depending on the time of the year. There are specific months of the year where some types of specialized translation are requested more often.

However, if we had to say which type of specialized translation is requested the most consistently over time we would say Legal Document Translation is the most requested type of specialized translation overall.

If you think about it, legal document translation is a critical part of any immigration procedure. Also, every day people fill in applications for permanent residence, work or study permits in different countries. Also for the drafting of a legal or commercial contract, or even for a doctoral thesis.

Specialized Translation Service

3. Where to find a Specialized Document Translation Agency

As we have seen, specialized translation requires specialized and qualified translators in different fields. At TranslateDay we are specialized in translating large volumes of legal documents, but our large pool of translators give us the chance to also have professional translators specialized in many other different kinds of translation. We have more than a decade of experience doing specialized translations and we work globally thanks to the fact that our work is online. This means that no matter where you are, we will carry out the translation you need and deliver to you in a very short time frame.

While we specialize in professionally translating legal documents, we can also translate all types of documents into virtually any language. And with the full certainty that these are certified translations carried out by professional translators. Over the years, we have to our credit more than 60,000 documents translated into some 65 languages.

4. Professional Specialized Translation in dozens of languages

At TranslateDay we translate not only all kinds of writing, but we also do large-scale translations. If it is a small document, no more than 3 pages, it will be available in just 24 hours. If you contact us previously you can plan your translation process and we will ensure that it is ready within the expected time frame. The translation of specialized writings is our specialty, offering precision, clarity, punctuality and professionalism. In fact, our translations are accompanied by a certification statement. This guarantees the veracity and precision of each translated writing.

As you know by know, special translation services involves facing many challenges in translation. Not only precision, speed and punctuality is needed. Discretion is also required, especially in documents that touch on issues of special importance, such as bank statements, legal issues, secrecy in companies and processes, etc. At TranslateDay we take care to offer absolute confidentiality in all our documents and our channels are encrypted.

So, whether it be translations related to education, companies and businesses, finance or immigration or emigration issues, we do them on TranslateDay. We translate into different languages ​​such as English (American and British), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, etc. All our translations are certified, and if you require it, they can also be notarized.


You only have to send us the documents that require our special translation services, indicating the language to which they will be translated. These will be translated and reviewed by a translator, and later, they will go through another translator to verify the quality and that everything is perfect. Once finished, we will send you a link with the translated document to your email.

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