Reasons You Should Hire a Service Provider for Professional Transcriptions.

October 15, 2019

A number of difference publications including finance, legal and medical, universities, media want academic transcription for their research content for analytical purposes. While there are companies that have their in-house professionals for tasks like these, there are also a number of businesses that lack the resources required in-house servicing, as it requires great care and perfection. Therefore, here are a few of the benefits that a company can enjoy if they hire a transcription business. We also give you tips for translating legal documents.


Even though you might save on a chunk of the cost by trying to do the transcription yourself, it is extremely difficult to get the transcription perfectly accurate. The reason for this is the difficulty in keeping up with the different kinds of audio that might be present. This is why professional transcriptionists are a much better choice as they manage to product accurate transcriptions.

Coverage of Different Types of Transcriptions

Hiring a professional transcription service allows you to transcribe a number of different documents. This includes grouped vocal notes, audios in grouped settings and individual settings. This contrast allowed a much better output quality compared to efforts from amateurs and ensures that accurate coverage is carried out for all tasks. Aside from the general coverage, the professional services also include a keen eye for detail which is a mandatory element in transcription.

Save Cost

To have a quality transcription it is essential to have the required hardware that is required to transcribe the document. The setup of procuring hardware and software that is well suited to transcription can be an extremely challenging task and is very cost-intensive. Outsourcing the project prevents you from bearing this cost and makes sure that the company is able to handle your task properly with their pre-existing equipment.

Adherence to Deadlines

Professional transcription services ensure that they are adhering to your deadline by having multiple people work on your task at the same time. This is an extremely important allocation as it can allow you to get high-quality outputs without having to settle for later deliveries. In the case of timeline, these companies also offer fast track timeline allocations which are the ideal choice for deliveries of an urgent nature.

Professional Equipment

For your recordings to be intelligible, it is always important to use the best available quality of equipment otherwise your audios can be unclear or distorted. This can lead to difficulty in deciphering the words when you are listening to the recordings later. Therefore, it is always recommended to use recording equipment with reasonable quality, if not the best. Especially if those recordings are to be used for extremely professional purposes like in the court or during a company meeting. Professional companies use state of the art gear for recording and transcription purposes so that the veracity of the delivered work is well suited for use across a number of different scenarios.


In case you are outsourcing for transcription services, the required costs can be different for different factors. Generally, the costs are directly dependent on the complexity and length of a session however it is always better to pay in terms of minutes. Some services even give discounts to organizations that are either non-profit or are in the education business. Occasionally, companies are even willing to invest extra money by hiring two or more transcriptionists to ensure that all the important content is recorded. This happens mostly in the case of live events. Some of the major factors that cost depend on are:

  • Quality of the Audio
  • Length of the Audio
  • Amount of Speakers
  • Intricacy of Languages
  • Interpretation of Various Accents

Professional companies can perfectly adapt the service to your budget and provide you the best result for your budget.

Understanding and Competence

The credibility and reputation of the transcriptionist if of high importance especially in cases where the transcription also requires interpretation of jargon of a subculture or specific industry. You can also help the transcriptionist by providing them a list of keywords or a wordbook or catalog of the required jargon. Familiarity with the regional language and customs is highly important in the case of research involving local dialects. When it comes to transcription companies who are professional, they provide you a document consisting of their ethical standards so that you can make sure that there is no contrast between their ethical standards and yours. This ethical understanding helps with the confidentiality of your research. You can also ask for your desired format that is consistent with the software which is used for qualitative analysis. For media events, the audios should also be quickly archived and transcribed in professional quality. 

For an accurate transcription, it is essential for the person transcribing to have a thorough understanding of the different colloquialisms and native accent touches that must be remarked for proper effect. When you hire a professional service to take care of your transcription, you are confident that the company employs a number of different native speakers to perfectly note down the variations in accents and jargon that are used. This ensures utmost accuracy when it comes to the final work.

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In case you are outsourcing for transcription services, the required costs can be different for different factors. irantogermany


In case you are outsourcing for transcription services, the required costs can be different for different factors.


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