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February 2, 2021

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When searching for aspects to consider when intending to translate legal documents online, there are several features that should be considered when looking for an online legal document translation service.

Depending on the type of documents that is desired to translate, one should look at companies and translation organizations which are certifiably qualified to carry out this activity.

Features of a good document translator

Like this, there are many types of legal documents that can be translated. Think of legal documents that include birth certificate, transcript, resume, patent, marriage, press release, tax statements, drivers license, passport, bank statement, business documents.

Often some agencies require a signed statement from the translator for these types of legal documents, claiming that he has the competencies to provide a relevant certification, like the USCIS (United States Immigration and Citizenship Services).

It is highly advised to check, especially for online legal documents translations, proof of the competency of the translator. Also, a person can search up reviews of trusted websites to find out about the satisfaction rate of experienced clients.

Obviously, a translation legal services professional should be certified, native, and be always attentive to stay grammarly correct. But what is also important is that the translating person also possesses of underlying knowledge about the law too. This applied for as well regional law standards as international law.

The speed of the translation service offered by a company should also be considered especially when a person requires urgent necessities. On average it takes big organizations up to 24 hours to translate an online legal document of 1-3 pages with approximately 250 words per page.

Owners of legal documents require often a high privacy protection for their documents, since there are many personal data written on these documents which they unquestionably do not want to get leaked.  Clients should constantly make sure when choosing a certified legal translation services that the staff takes the document’s security very seriously and that they use up to date protocols to ensure the safety of transferring information to and from ILS servers. Regarding the internal servers, a backup should by all times be made to prevent losing data. In the current digital era, it is possible for many cybercriminals to breach important data. That is also the reason why many high-level business and agencies require to see the quality control testing for assurance.

Legal documents translations online

Machine translation versus human translation

There is a big difference between machine translation and technical human translation. Legal documents are important, and they need to be very precise. One single mistake can completely change the meaning of the document. Some words for example, have different meanings. Think of break in, break up, break down etc. All these words have a different meaning, but they all have ‘break’ in common. This is an example why machine translation can be very risky to use in important legal documents and it is necessary for companies to find a certified translator to prevent such errors.

Importance of culture in translation

As mentioned earlier, there can be several meanings to translation. This does also apply when dealing with different cultures. It is very important to be careful with lexical content as well as ideologies and a value system in a specific culture. Translators should have extensive knowledge from both sides of the target audience. An example for this would be translating to a target of European French or Canadian French. In some cases, a text that includes cultural implications is able to use its meaning in translation or information, because of its cultural value.

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Charlie Bavister
February 13, 2021 7:41 pm

Legal documents need to be translated with full accuracy. A small mistake can create a big problem for you. Thanks for sharing such great content!


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