Tips To Start Learning A Language On Your Own

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Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

The world is rapidly evolving to be more multicultural. People throughout the world are interacting more than ever before and that has led to a massive rise in the interaction amongst people with different languages. Though the general medium of English is available to interact mutually, it is usually incredibly difficult to master and people from most countries are not versed in English communication. 

This leads to an increased need for learning foreign languages. That is an important step in integrating within a culture and becoming a part of any society. Learning any new language has a range of benefits. From integrating into the culture to having a diverse range of art available to enjoy, the process is usually extremely hard. Starting from scratch makes it worse without any active resources. 

Most dedicated language institutes require a massive amount of time and money to learn. It also required making travel arrangement and that is simply not viable for most people with a lifestyle brimming with work and other activities that do not spare the time to travel and learn with an institute or a dedicated tutor. In the instances that the learning can be indeed carried out without a tutor, there are major financial barriers and most services are extremely expensive and extended over months, even years. For people with these barriers, learning through external resources is not a valid option. So the best way to learn a new language is to self-learn. Even though it can seem like an insurmountable task, it is actually very doable and it might be more suited for your learning compared to formal institutions. 

How to learn the language on your own


The beginning is always going to be incredibly difficult even though the internet has made the process exponentially easier, there is still a high level of difficulty associated with simply getting started and getting the task done. Despite these initial drawbacks, studying a foreign language has many benefits.There is major ambiguity regarding the right places to start and move onwards. It can also be overwhelming to see a whole language and the wide range of vocabulary and Grammar rules and that can also make you want to quit. However, the important tip in learning is persistence

It is making sure that no matter how the process goes, you stick with it and that is the most important part. A lot of times the learning curve is steep and it can require multiple attempts to get things right. Being persistent ensures that even if you take some time, you eventually get the task done. The reason most people are unable to learn any language is that they are not dedicated and willing to put in the work. 

Learning at your own pace

The problem with the following programs and instructions is the pace of instruction. Most of the programs are streamlined at a certain pace and aim to teach in a very short amount of time. The better way to go about it is to ensure that learning is always carried out at the right pace. The biggest pieces of that puzzle are to make sure you learn at your own speed. Whether its 15 minutes a day or 1 hour, the focus must be on keeping the task fun and interactive. An online application such as Duolingo can be really helpful in learning a language on your own. They have graphical interactions and other visual cues to make sure you learn the language both verbally and otherwise. 

Talking to Native Speakers

This is the hardest aspect of the learning but it is the most impactful one. Nothing teacher language like talking to a native speaker. The best way of learning is to indulge in conversation, starting with basic words like “Hello” and “Thank you”, you can slowly build your way up to conversational level. 

A minor hurdle in that approach might be access to native speakers. However thanks to the internet there are a wide array of sites with minimal fee where native speakers can communicate and that eventually leaves a major positive impact on the whole learning process by adding in the cognitive learning element and the ability to have quality criteria to test the learning on. This process helps us to develop a language learning mindset. It also helps shapes many meaningful friendships and could be a doorway to a better social life. 

All of these aspects have their own individual importance but in the end, the most import variable is yourself. Your commitment and willingness to put in the time and effort required to learn will make the most impact. From practice to eventually application, every aspect needs to be meticulously done and persistently followed through. All these little steps can together to ensure that your next vacation in Paris or Milan is an even greater experience than you ever thought it could be. 

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