5 Steps to have a Growth Mindset when Learning Languages

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The world has been reduced to a global village, thanks to modern technology. This has directly impacted on communication as one can communicate with anybody in any part of the world. That said though, effective communication can only be effective under some conditions. We’ll find ourselves being required to learn foreign languages. This may seem hard but anything that the mind conceives can be done.

Thus, having the right mindset will be required to master language learning fast. Having a Growth Mindset is the key to learn new languages both better and more efficiently.

A Growth Mindset can be also useful for many other disciplines or aspects of life, it will also help you acquire new skills and overcome any challenges you may encounter. On the contrary, a Fixed Mindset might slow down your language learning abilities to a point where you feel stuck or even decide quiting to learn that language.


What steps should you take to learn a new language?

1. Exercise Patience 

Patience is a vital requirement, everywhere, and more so when trying out something new. As you prepare to set out on the learning journey, you’ll need to be highly devoted to the course. This is because as you learn, you’ll obviously face some challenges that you’ll need to bear with and also overcome. 

That said, it is widely known that with the right devotion, three months are enough to learn a new language. However, you’ll need to have very strategic measures for you to realize that. This will include being specific on your goals, which should be attainable, measurable, time-bound, and relevant. With this, not only will you stay focused but you’ll also accomplish your goal within a short time. 

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2. Get Outside the Comfort Zone

For you to acquire any new skill, more effort will be required. This will mean going beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary which is normally against human nature, but mandatory. You’ll need to step out and learn more than just the basics of the new language. 

Some of the tips that would really help if applied include having a call with a native speaker of the language you are learning. This will help you evaluate how well you are performing in your learning. Also, after learning the basics, try and substitute them with synonyms every once in a while. This will test your remembrance skills. 

Finally, make it a habit of picking the topics that you fear most and spend more time on them and seek help where necessary. You’ll soon find out that after perseverance and stretching your limits, you’ll emerge better than the natives of that language.

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3. Don’t Fear Taking Up Challenges 

Learning is a process, which usually requires boldness. When learning a new language, you are venturing into the unknown. As such, challenge yourself by putting strict deadlines. You should focus on completing tasks within a short period of time and see if it is possible. However, your challenges should be in line your set objectives.

After setting the deadlines, have a close friend monitor how well you are able to perform within the set deadlines, and alsocheck the quality of your work. This will make you more accountable. You can challenge yourself by settinga target of learning a certain number of new words per week, and then present the new learned words to a native for monitoring progress. 

However, take on challenges that you are comfortable with without having to review them every now and then.

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4. Conduct Personal Examination and Correction 

As earlier stated, you’ll come across hurdles as you learn your new language. You must be ready thus to know how to address such issues as you pursue perfection, your end goal. Despite putting in effort and not always succeeding, you’ll require to be extra vigilant. This will call for assessments by the day to ensure that all pitfalls are covered. Also, you’ll be able to know your strong and weak areas and major on your strong points more. 

As a result, you’ll eventually save time as you won’t major and struggle on matters that you have little capability of. In trying to evaluate yourself and carry out corrective measures, the following points will come in handy. Set properly spelled out objectives which will give you a clear view of what you intend to achieve after a certain period. Have periodic check-ins to monitor how well you are keeping up with your goals. 

Also, mark your calendar using separate colors for each program to show you how much time you are spending on a certain area. This will give you a clear picture of the areas you need to improve if you are lagging behind schedule. Lastly, inquire on how you are performing and major on the areas which need correction. 

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5. Surround Yourself with the New Language

A person with a desire to learn will make use of every available opportunity that presents itself. They’ll also embrace the concept wholly due to the strong desire to learn. More often, they’ll try to be as close to any helpful material as possible. 

Where you were once uncomfortable being amongst a strange talking group of people, this becomes a different issue. Do so by being active in forumswhere the language you are learning is being spoken. If the above is not possible for whatever reason, make use of the available material now that access to information is easy, thanks to technology. There are plenty of free websites which can help you learn fast like Meetup.com,The Mixxerand many others each teaching a particular language. 

Language is a system that not only includes words, but also written symbols, body language, and gestures. These are the four basic language skills you should improve. 

These and other websites and other sources of information will also increase your curiositythrough comparison to get the best learning material. However, note that you will only get the most out of the learning process if you are passionate about learning. 

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Final Thoughts

As noticed from the above points, having a positive and a Growth Mindset is everything. With the right attitude, cAs noticed from the above points, having a positive and a Growth Mindset is everything. With the right attitude, clearly defined objectives, willingness to stretch beyond limits, and associating with the right people, you can achieve your language goals. 

Though the above were specifically on learning new languages, you’ll agree with us that they are applicable in all aspects of life and if adhered to, nothing is impossible. The right approach is all that matters. Hopefully, you can apply them and set out to learning that language strange you’ve admired listening to and talking in.

Thanks for staying until the end! Hope you learned something on Growth Mindset applied to language learning. Read on the 6 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language or Check our blog for more free language learning articles

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