7 Essential Languages that are Definitively Worth Learning

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Languages play an essential part in our day-to-day communication. You need a specific language to communicate your thoughts with others. According to recent stats, there are over 7100 languages spoken worldwide. Many people can speak and understand multiple languages besides their native language. The World has become a global village because of the ease of transportation and technological advancements. Hence, speaking and understanding more than one language has become necessary for people. 

While every language allows you to communicate with its native speakers, learning all of them is not necessary. Generally, residents of a particular region also know a second language to communicate with foreigners. So, plan to explore different parts of the World, understand the psychology of people with a different culture, or migrate to get an education and avail beneficial career opportunities. Some languages can help you a lot. We have included details about the most important languages in the world and methods for learning a new language. Further details are given below: 

Why is it important to learn Languages other than English 

You may see people visiting other countries frequently for the sake of tourism. Moreover, many others migrate to other countries for education and career opportunities. While English is the most widely spoken language in the World these days, it is still not sufficient to communicate with people living in a region with another native language. Most people you will see there will use their native language to communicate with you, and your inability to understand and speak their language can lead to miscommunication. The best way to avoid such a situation is to learn essential languages

While English can be used as a medium of communication in various parts of the World, it is still insufficient. Some other languages can help you communicate with people from the farthest parts of the World. We have included details about the most used languages in the world below to help you in this regard. Read on to know more. 

The 7 Essentials Languages to Learn

1. Mandarin Chinese 

The language that tops our list of most important languages in the World is Mandarin Chinese. Recently, China has emerged as a robust economy and an attractive place for businesses who want to set up their manufacturing units abroad, especially for organizations targeting Asian consumers. The Chinese Mandarin language is the second most spoken language worldwide, with over 1.13 billion speakers. Out of these 1.13 billion speakers, around 918 million are native speakers. 

Did you know that Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world in 2022?

Simply put, this language is mainly used for communication by Chinese residents. Hence, if you are planning to study in China, explore it, or set up your manufacturing unit there, you should be capable of understanding Mandarin Chinese and speaking it fluently. It can be a challenging task for English speakers to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Hence, an exceptional effort is required for this purpose. Moreover, you may find it tricky to speak Mandarin Chinese words. You can use a text to speak tool to learn the correct pronunciation

2. French 

French is considered the “Language of Love” and is spoken across 5 continents of the World, thanks to the colonizers who spread out to the farthest parts of the World. Back in the old days, before the American era, the French language was used for international communication and was considered a diplomatic language for centuries. It is still a widely spoken language, with many countries using it as their official or co-official language. Moreover, there is a significant number of native speakers of French around the World. 

France is a favorite travel destination for many people, and it is an economic powerhouse as well. Hence, learning the French language will benefit you in the long run. English natives can easily learn French grammar because of similar Alphabets. However, things get tricky when it comes to pronunciation.  

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3. Spanish 

Spanish is not far behind the French language, which is why it has earned its place in our list of most important languages to learn. In addition to Europe, it is a widely spoken language in both the American continents. You will see many countries in the South American region using it as their official language; Argentina is an example.

Additionally, you will find native Spanish speakers in countries like Mexico, Canada, and various parts of the United States. 

Spain is a great travel destination as well. Many people also visit this country to watch famous Football clashes, such as El Classico and Madrid Derby. So, if you are a travel enthusiast or a diehard Football fan, learning Spanish is a must. The only problem you are going to come across while learning Spanish is your ability to speak words in Spanish. You can deal with this problem using a reliable text to voice tool. 

4. Arabic   

Regarding some of the most important languages across the World, you can’t overlook Arabic. This language is spoken by residents of the Arabian belt, including the Middle East, with popular travel destinations like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Jordan. Additionally, many Arabian countries hold a significant share of the GDP of the entire World. So, if you plan to set up your business or work in Middle Eastern countries, then learning Arabic is a must. 

Arabic content is swiftly becoming a considerable chunk of the already available content on the internet. So if you want to get familiar with Arabic content, then learning the language of Arab residents will help you a lot. It is worth mentioning that English and Arabic alphabets and writing systems are different. It can be a challenging task for you to learn Arabic, but it is definitely worth it. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that Arabic grammar emphasizes a lot on the way you pronounce a word. Hence, it is better to take the help of a text to speech tool to help you understand the right pronunciation. 

5. German 

Germany is a significant part of history written in the 20th century. It is still an economic powerhouse and considered the engineering hub in the World. Being home to renowned automotive brands like Mercedes and BMW makes it more important. 

Additionally, students from various parts of the World come here to get an education, especially specializations in engineering. Many people want to make their career in Germany as well. Considering all these factors, it is necessary for people planning to study or work in Germany to learn the language of the natives for easier communication

6. Portuguese 

According to research conducted recently, it was found that Portuguese is the most in-demand language these days. Like French, it is spoken in various regions across South America, Central America, Asia, and Europe. In addition to the importance of Portugal in the European region, Brazil, which uses Portuguese as its official language, is swiftly emerging as an economic powerhouse in the World. 

Brazil is also the center of attention because of its travel destination, iconic beaches, and scientific research in Amazon Forest. People who need to set up their businesses in South America or want to visit it for tourism and research should learn the language of the natives. Doing this will hugely benefit them. Take the help of a reliable text to speech tool to learn the right Portuguese pronunciation.

7. Russian 

Russia is the largest country in the World that is spread across Europe and Asia. It is also the largest exporter of oil and gas to the entire of Europe. It is also considered a powerhouse capable of turning tables on the global landscape. Residents living in the country speak Russian. Additionally, many neighboring Asian and Eastern Countries use Russian as an official or regional language

A significant chunk of content on the web is written in Russian. Especially, the entire dark web is filled with Russian content, which makes it one of the most used languages in the World. Hence, people related to IT, especially cybersecurity consultants, must learn the Russian language. Furthermore, people who want to visit or live in Russia should also learn this language.   


You need language to communicate your narrative and thoughts to other people. English is not the universal language; there are many other important languages in the World that can help you communicate with residents of particular regions and even ace your careers as well. We have discussed a few of the most useful languages to learn above. Hopefully, you will like the discussion. We wish you luck with the process of learning new languages.   

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