The impact of English Language in our society

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English is the most common language in the world, with around 20% of the total population able to communicate using it. It became a lingua franca, used by international communities to speak in a unified language. The impact of English in our society is huge. It has transformed our lives on many different levels. In this article, we will analyze how English influences modern society. Let’s get to it.

10 Real-Life Examples to Understand how English connects the World

The best way to understand the impact of English language in the world is to take a look at the most impactful real life examples and use cases.

Without further ado, this are the 10 most impactful consequences of the irruption of english in society:

1. English is used in Global Communication and International Dialogue

When we speak about international communication, both in personal and official situations, English is most likely the language we choose to enable communication between each other. Every country uses it commonly when they want to send messages to international community.

Most international organizations present their official statements in this language, which granted English some prestige. In modern world we consider it considered a fundamental skill for those who participate in international dialogue.

In personal situations, English enables international connections, communication and mutual understanding. It allows us to form friendships beyond borders.

2. English can boost your Work Opportunities

Knowledge of English is a required skill in many high performing companies. Individuals who are able to communicate in this language have vast employability opportunities. Plus, they are not only tied to national market. They can look for their dream job across many different countries.

English have impacted the job market in a huge way. Many businesses these days consist of international teams which work remotely. It accelerates performance of companies and improves overall employability for those with knowledge of this language.

3. The impact of English Language Transforming Cultures

This trend is especially strong among younger generations, due to English being most common language on the internet. However, this may not be the best side of English being lingua franca. Nontheless, this feature is considered by some people to have negative impact in some areas. As more and more cultures are influenced by Western Society language, native and diverse cultural heritage may be damaged.

4. The importance of English in Education

English has had a huge impact on international education. It is currently mandatory subject in most schools across the world and for good reason, as some of the world best universities teach lessons in this language. English can also help students in their personal lives. Learning a new language can help broaden students minds, while also help them develop emotional skills. As we already mentioned, it provides job opportunities and help people communicate through the internet.

Across the globe, many international schools offer English classes. This allows to train international professionals and future skilled experts which are not limited by their native country borders.

5. Globalization of English

English has a huge impact on globalization, as it allows all of us to speak in one common language. This is something unique that has never been possible before in history. We are able to communicate and understand each other’s point of view, which supports trade, international dialogue and cooperation. People are now roaming freely across countries, English being global language allows them to look for help on airports or tourist information points.

6. English is basic for Tourism

English has a huge impact on the tourism sector. You can even argue that this is what enabled this industry to grow so exceptionally across past 50 years.

English is a second language for most of both tourists and local communities. This enables them to benefit from tourism while minimizing unnecessary conflicts and misunderstanding. Furthermore, it helps communities offer better tourism experience for visitors. It can be considered as a symbiosis, which brings great benefits to both local community and turists.

Remote locations and countries can also enter the market using the “international language”, which will allow them to attract wider audience and further boost local economy.

7. English, the dominant language Scientific Research

Science is a broad field, and it requires international collaboration in order to deliver the best results possible. The use of English as a lingua franca enables scientists from every part of the world to access research findings, which are necessary to further propel development of global science. If any research discovers something which could lead to a breakthrough in an important field such as medicine, sharing research in English will enable global scientific community to implement it into their work elatively quickly.

This is the primary reason for which most research findings are presented in two versions: in language native to the researcher and in English. This enables global scientific community to work together and propel world science development.

8. English in Translation

Due to English being lingua franca, English translators are the most common from all translators. There are many rare or small languages which are not commonly translated.

However, we can even translate those languages into English, and then translate them from English to another language if needed. Therefore, this global global language is like a bridge in translation, which enables us to eventually translate any languages.

9. The Language of the internet

Internet is surely what enabled our global, interconnected modern lifestyle. English had a huge impact on internet, but internet may have even bigger impact on English.

Possibly due to the fact that more than 50% of internet content represents this language. This could also be a major motivation for all the modern English learners to actually study this language.

10. English is the Language of Business

In the era of globalization many companies decided to expand to foreign markets. This is not an easy task, and requires a deep search for possible partners and knowledge of local law, etc. English allows swift communication between both parties involved.

English is crucial not only for expanding abroad, but also for attracting international clients and investors into one’s economy. This allows businesses to generate high profit and expand their network of international partners which greatly improves their future opportunities for growth. Through enabling swift and consistent flow of international investment, English has a direct, positive impact on countries’ economies and private businesses’ opportunities.

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What is the impact of English language in an interconnected world?

English is what propels the global community, business, science and opportunities across societies. It allows humanity to speak in one language and understand one another better than ever before. In an interconnected world, English impacts every aspect of our lives.

It shaped the economy as we know it today, it gave the global politics new face and made borders irrelevant. From culture, through science, up to education and even shopping – English is responsible for the shape of our modern reality. Its impact is permanent and is most likely to grow as humanity gets further in the process of globalization.

English language in an interconnected world


English has a huge impact on a global society. It became almost universal language. This however doesn’t mean that translation services are not relevant anymore. In fact, it’s quite contrary.

Translation is important as modern environment requires excellency in English. In addition, proper translation between English and other languages through the concept of English being a “bridge” is crucial. Otherwise, the original message will be lost. If you need professional translation services, contact our team at TranslateDay.

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