How Languages Were Created? – The History of Languages


Regarding the history and origin of human languages, researchers are divided. Some people argue that the earliest actual language was the proto-language of Homo habilis. While some claim that Homo erectus is the source of what we now know as modern language, the majority holds that Homo sapiens are the ones responsible. With these theories […]

The 10 Most Spoken First Languages in the World – 2023 Updated Edition

There are over 7000 languages spoken in the world with different sounds and history. Some languages are most spoken than others depending on the the statistical variable you choose to focus on; like the number native speakers or the number of people that speak that language as a second language. Here at TranslateDay we determined […]

7 Essential Languages that are Definitively Worth Learning

Most Important Languages you should Learn

Languages play an essential part in our day-to-day communication. You need a specific language to communicate your thoughts with others. According to recent stats, there are over 7100 languages spoken worldwide. Many people can speak and understand multiple languages besides their native language. The World has become a global village because of the ease of […]

The impact of English Language in our society


English is the most common language in the world, with around 20% of the total population able to communicate using it. It became a lingua franca, used by international communities to speak in a unified language. The impact of English in our society is huge. It has transformed our lives on many different levels. In […]

How to Master Writing in English

working to improve an english language

Mastering the English Language is becoming more and more essential as we live in an increasingly globalized world. English is the main communication language in many areas such as business, media, and science. It is crucial to master writing in English in order to understand English as a whole. As such the demand for skilled […]

8 Original Ways to Practice English

Learning English is something challenging to do, but practicing it is even more challenging. We need to make sure that anything that we have learned does not go into thin air by practicing it as often as we could. However, sometimes it is not that easy to find the right motivation to keep on applying […]

What is a False Friend? The Complete Guide

Have you ever felt that a word from another language, say, French, Spanish or German, means the same thing as an English word just because they sound similar? Well, sometimes two languages have similarly-sounding words that share the same meaning, like the word ‘police’ in English and ‘polis’ in Malay, which both mean the police. […]

Main Differences Between American and British English

Main Differences Between American and British English

When someone mentions the English language, you likely don’t immediately think about the specific type of English that they are referring to – in fact, you presumably immediately think of the variety of English that you are most accustomed to using. If we consider learning English, we don’t realize which variant of that we’re going […]

How many Different English Dialects are there?

How Many Dialects Does English Have?

Even though it is impossible to estimate the exact number of dialects in the English language that are spoken around the world, it is estimated that over 160 different English dialects exist around the world. And this number is rapidly increasing thanks to the differences in delivery and pronunciation in local cultures around the world. […]

Growth and Development of English Language through History

A brief history of the English language

Have you ever wondered how English, with its 750,000 or so words and 1.6 billion speakers in every corner of the world – has become such a beautiful, meaningful language? Used as a global language of communication, the many english dialects are scattered throughout the world. Wars that changed English Language through History Unlike languages […]