How to Master Writing in English

July 14, 2021

Mastering the English Language is becoming more and more essential as we live in an increasingly globalized world. English is the main communication language in many areas such as business, media, and science. It is crucial to master writing in English in order to understand English as a whole.

As such the demand for skilled professionals who are proficient in English has increased, and writing skills are more relevant than ever. In this blog entry we wil give you everything you need to know to master your writing skills in english.

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6 Ways to improve your English writing

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best tips on how to improve your english writing skills:

1) Why is it important to expand your vocabulary?

With a limited knowledge of vocabulary, it is hard to express the full intended message. When having an extensive knowledge of vocabulary in a language, you will be able to recognize more words. It will also help you to put them in the correct context when writing them yourself.

This can be done by becoming more conscious on how and when to use certain words. If you find yourself coming across an unfamiliar word, it is recommended to search it up in an English dictionary. This way you will get a better understanding of the semantics of the word and its implications.

Using a thesaurus when coming across unfamiliar words will provide you with the word’s synonyms and antonyms. This will not only bring the benefit of a wide range of words to use in its place or to oppose them, but it is also helpful for understanding the nuances of the word.

You know there are 4 basic language skills that can be improved? Writing is one of the most important ones

2) How can I improve my spelling mistakes?

The potency and legitimacy of a text are easily lost when the text consists of spelling errors. For this reason, it is crucial to write the words correctly. There are several ways to improve spelling:

2.1) Creating a list of misspelled words

Always write down the words you misspell and keep track of every word you fail. It is very important to manually write it in a notebook. That way you will also train your visual memory. Once you have a considerable amount of words written down, try grouping them in related topics or categories.

This makes it easier to learn from the mistakes made. Perhaps there is a certain sound that is tricky. Learning the spelling of this sound will benefit you significantly of writing the word correctly in the future.

2.2) Read more texts in English that include these words

Find texts in English that include the words you often fail and related ones. . If you followed the previous step you will find the categorization of words very useful.

In this way those words you have encountered are less likely to leave your mind the next time you have to write them yourself.

How to Master Writing in English

3) How can I practice reading comprehension?

Writing texts is usually done by using past experiences gained from reading text and replicating aspects such as the style, vocabulary and structure. The same can be said for writing in English. By reading more English texts, it will be easier to draw from a wider array of styles, vocabulary and structures to use when composing a text in English yourself.

However, learning should be fun, and it is more likely to learn a language when it is enjoyed.  Therefore, it is recommended to read texts that have a careful and worked writing. Either originals or in a version translated into other languages. As long as you are exposed to various forms of English writing, your knowledge will expand significantly.

Whenever you find a sentence structure, phrase or word you like, you might want to make a note of it. Then, strive to use the next time you are writing in English.

It may also be useful to write down the type of text you extracted that information from. This way, when you find yourselve writing something related, you will be able to refer to other English sentences you extracted from similar type of texts.

For example, referring to English texts may be useful when writing something specific, such as an advertisement. By referring to other English adverts, it will help you be in track with the correct tone, style and vocabulary used before writing your own.

These are some example of books that might help you improve your reading comprehension

4) Why is it important to keep a diary?

When English is not your primary language, it is understandable that writing in a foreign language can be intimidating. Everyone starts to learn by making spelling mistakes or grammatical errors along the way. It is a crucial part of the learning process.

By increasing the volume of your writing, for example by making a routine of keeping a diary, you can maximize your writing skills.  A diary also allows you to keep all your writings in one place. By doing so, you will be able to track your progress and identify any mistakes you might be making over and over again.

5) What can I write to improve my English?

Similarly to reading, writing about your topics of interests make it likely for you to stick to it while expanding your knowledge. Whether it is a passion, something new or just casual interest: Write about it. It will make you think in the language you are writing.

It will also challenge you to prove yourself how extensively you can write about a topic in English.

write a diary to improve your expressions

6) How to consolidate your knowledge?

After writing in English, the best way to see how far you have actually come might be to get someone with a good english knowledge to proofread it, thereby learning what went well and where errors or spelling mistakes were made. Through other people’s feedback, it will be possible to identify common patterns of mistakes, be it with regard to verb conjugation, spelling or sentence structure for example. They may also recommend new and creative ways for you to express what you are trying to say.

Once you understand where you have gone wrong, it might be an idea to revisit the same topic and attempt to write about it again. This time try avoiding the same mistakes you made last time. It may not be perfect the second time either, but mastering writing in English is not something that can be achieved overnight. It is done through persistence, the willingness to learn and commitment.


By applying these techniques you will not only be able to improve your writing english skills, but also to boost your english learning process to a new level. Now that you have read several ways to boost your writing in English, you can start practising and advancing your English writing skills yourself.

Thanks for staying until the end! Please make sure you check our Blog for more free articles in english on language learning, translation and much more!


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