Who Qualifies to Apply for US Immigration?

apply for US immigration

U.S. immigration approval may seem like an intimidating process to undergo, but here are a few pointers on who can apply for US immigration.

Keep in mind that the US immigration requirements may include exceptions and conditions. The applicant should check whether he or she is already a U.S. citizen by birth or by marriage to a U.S. citizen. Once confirmed, he or she may apply for naturalization if eighteen years old and above. The applicant must have been a permanent resident of the U.S. with a Permanent Resident Card, also formerly known as Alien Registration Card. However, the applicant is not qualified if he or she has resided for only less than three years. Certain conditions still apply if applicant has resided respectively for three to five years or five years or more. Lastly regarding residence, he or she must have been a resident of the state for which he or she is applying to for the last three months. If the applicant is male, some conditions regarding military service may apply.

The applicant must be able to read, write, and speak Basic English, as well as be informed about the fundamentals of U.S. history y U.S. forms of government. Lastly, the applicant must have good moral character, is willing to support the U.S. constitution and is willing to take an oath of allegiance to the United States.

One should be able to pass complete requirements and documents in English. Thus, traducciones de documentos legales of non-English certificates is a must.

All application requirements must be completed for one to apply for US immigration. However, rigidity of conditions and exceptions may be reconsidered. Details may be checked through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

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