Who Qualifies to Apply for US Immigration?


U.S. immigration approval may seem like an intimidating process to undergo, but here are a few pointers on who can apply for US immigration. Keep in mind that the US immigration requirements may include exceptions and conditions. The applicant should check whether he or she is already a U.S. citizen by birth or by marriage […]

Who Can Apply for a US Immigration Work Permit?


People looking for greener pastures always consider working in the US. In fact, the country welcomes thousands of workers from foreign lands every year. However, before a foreigner can start working, s/he should be able to provide a US immigration work permit first. For security purposes, there are only certain people who could apply for […]

What are the Current U.S. Immigration Requirements and Policies?


There are certain documents and organized steps to fulfill to complete the US immigration requirements. The first and most important step is to check whether one is already a U.S. citizen by birth. There are also eligibility requirements which have to be met, such as those regarding age and years of residence, which, if not […]

What are the US Canada Immigration Laws for Marriage?


There are many cases concerning the US Canada immigration of marriages between US and Canadian citizens. There is no current law, may it be that of a US immigration laws marriage or Canadian law, that allows automatic right to permanent citizenship or residence. Many people don’t realize this, and simply start settling in the spouse’s […]

What Does the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Do?

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency of the United States, operating under the Department of Homeland Security, which facilitates U.S. Citizenship and immigration services. Procedures regarding citizenship encompass all the services provided by USCIS. This includes processing of documents, steps for approval, ceremonies for applicants swearing the oath of allegiance, and […]

How Do I Get a Certified USCIS Translation for Immigration?


Upon processing your visa application in the immigration office, you might have probably realized that copies of your personal documents as well as their English translations are required. Getting certified USCIS translation for immigration can be a little troublesome, but with the right services, you’ll be able to easily get things done. Simply scan and […]

How to Apply for U.S. Immigration from Canada?

The steps on how to apply for US immigration can be quite rigorous and full of specific details. First and foremost, an applicant must hold a green card, which signifies permanent residence in the U.S. and can be obtained through marriage (application may only proceed after three years of residence), family, employment (family and employment […]

How Long Does It Take To Obtain US Immigration Citizenship?


When planning to stay in the US permanently, it is important that US immigration citizenship papers be processed immediately. The process is long and could take less or more than a year. If you are not living in the US yet, you need to immigrate and spend five years in one of the states to establish your […]

4 Main Types of Legal Translation and Legal Translation Problems

Types of Legal Translation

Legal translation is the translation of documents that facilitate the regulation of legal relationships. It entails translating legal documents necessary for bringing different kinds of international relations into practice, and translating legal texts to exchange experience and information among legal professionals of different countries. This kind of translation is known to be one of the […]

Top 6 Different Companies that need Official Document Translation Services

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In today’s shrinking world, international business, medical services, sporting activities and legal services are rapidly increasing. All of these activities involve several documents – bills of lading, tax invoices, birth certificates, medical fitness certificates, contracts, agreements, and other types of Official Document Translation. They will of course be written in the language of the country […]