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4 Main Types of Legal Translation and Legal Translation Problems

Dec 09 2020

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes Legal translation is the translation of documents that facilitate the regulation of legal relationships. It entails translating legal documents necessary for bringing…

Top 6 Different Companies that need Official Document Translation Services

Jan 22 2019

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes In today’s shrinking world, international business, medical services, sporting activities and legal services are rapidly increasing. All of these activities involve several…

When Do I Need a Birth Certificate Translation Notarized

Dec 17 2018

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes When it comes to Birth certificate, such an important legal documents, you should know that there are several cases when you not…

Certified Translation vs Notarized Translation – Complete Guide

Jul 25 2018

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes Sometimes when you are requested to provide a document that was not originally written in English, you are oftentimes asked to prove…

Top 40 Immigration Bloggers in 2018

Apr 13 2018

Estimated reading time: 14 minutes To travel, immigrate, work or study abroad, you may face many confusions and hurdles before you reach your goal. What programs can…


Oct 06 2015

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Frequently Asked Questions TranslateDay is here to serve you. Feel free to Contact Us for any further question or assistance request or…



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