The Importance of Translators

The Importance of Translators

As the world is increasing globally, translation is becoming more and more important. Strong communication among different type of industries is key, and the importance of translators is rising. Think about the close relationship between business, media and science, for example. Today’s world is inter-connected and effective translation is essential in all areas. In this […]

How to Master Writing in English

working to improve an english language

Mastering the English Language is becoming more and more essential as we live in an increasingly globalized world. English is the main communication language in many areas such as business, media, and science. It is crucial to master writing in English in order to understand English as a whole. As such the demand for skilled […]

Faithfulness in Translation

Faithfulness in translation defines how a translated document follows the source and how much it keeps the original message. However, this doesn’t mean the original text must remain as close to the original as it can be. In the past, experimented translators elaborated theories to help define how faithfully should the translation follow the initial […]

Challenges in Translation

Most important challenge in translation

Every translator should know that being a translator involves much more than just being bilingual. Being a translator includes the ability to interpret and transcribe a message that adapts the most to a specific target audience while also dealing with the Linguistic and Cultural Challenges in translation. Translation should always happen while keeping the purpose […]

Is a Notarized Document the same as a Certified Document?

Is a notarized document the same as certified?

Usually when a government agency or any other entity demands a copy of a document, they ask for either a notarized or a certified document. As you may know, there are different types of translation documents. The type of translation that is required to use can be based on the content of the document, but […]

Become a Legal Translator: Requirements, Steps and Risks

Become a Legal Translator

How to become a Legal Translator? Be warned. Translating legal documents is not an easy task. Many translators even try to avoid legal translation since it requires a very specific skillset. In addition, translators make a mistake, they can be held liable for the damages. This is the case in all forms of translation, however […]

How to Translate Legal Documents Without Being a Translator

How to Translate Legal Documents Without Being a Translator

Someday in the future, if you didn’t need it so far, you will probably need to have legal documents translated. Whether it will be for personal matters or for professional requirements. Legal document translation is required when two or more languages are involved, and the documents need to be available in both languages. This can […]

Legal Documents Translations Online

Legal documents translations online

When searching for aspects to consider when intending to translate legal documents online, there are several features that should be considered when looking for an online legal document translation service. Depending on the type of documents that is desired to translate, one should look at companies and translation organizations which are certifiably qualified to carry […]

Medical Translations – Requirements, Categories and Examples

Medical Translation is one of the most important types of Specialized Translation. Unlike other different types of translations, it focus on subject matter experts to translate the content of medical texts. In medical translation, the language used should be as clear as it can be to avoid possible misunderstanding. Medical translations should not be considered […]

4 Main Types of Legal Translation and Legal Translation Problems

Types of Legal Translation

Legal translation is the translation of documents that facilitate the regulation of legal relationships. It entails translating legal documents necessary for bringing different kinds of international relations into practice, and translating legal texts to exchange experience and information among legal professionals of different countries. This kind of translation is known to be one of the […]