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How to Master Writing in English

Jul 14 2021

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Mastering the English Language is becoming more and more essential as we live in an increasingly globalized world. English is the main…

Faithfulness in Translation

Jun 10 2021

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes Faithfulness in translation defines how a translated document follows the source and how much it keeps the original message. However, this doesn’t…

Challenges in Translation

May 11 2021

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Every translator should know that being a translator involves much more than just being bilingual. Being a translator includes the ability to…

Is a Notarized Document the same as a Certified Document?

Apr 07 2021

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Usually when a government agency or any other entity demands a copy of a document, they ask for either a notarized or…

Become a Legal Translator: Requirements, Steps and Risks

Mar 22 2021

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes How to become a Legal Translator? Be warned. Translating legal documents is not an easy task. Many translators even try to avoid…

How to Translate Legal Documents Without Being a Translator

Mar 04 2021

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Someday in the future, if you didn’t need it so far, you will probably need to have legal documents translated. Whether it…

Legal Documents Translations Online

Feb 02 2021

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes When searching for aspects to consider when intending to translate legal documents online, there are several features that should be considered when…

Medical Translations – Requirements, Categories and Examples

Jan 12 2021

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Medical Translation is one of the most important types of Specialized Translation. Unlike other different types of translations, it focus on subject…

4 Main Types of Legal Translation and Legal Translation Problems

Dec 09 2020

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes Legal translation is the translation of documents that facilitate the regulation of legal relationships. It entails translating legal documents necessary for bringing…

What is Notarized Translation?

Nov 02 2020

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Have you ever heard about notarized translation? Notarized translation is a specialist form or translation which is required for certain forms of…



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