Category Archive for "Document Translation"

Understanding the Different Types of Translations

Jun 25 2018

Translation is a field that is seeing a lot of activity nowadays, thanks to the increasing globalization of businesses. International travel has…

Translation Vs Localization: Understanding the Difference

Jun 18 2018

In the field of translation, one often hears the term localization. However not everyone really knows what it means. Both the terms…

Dealing with Translation Feedback

May 16 2018

Getting feedback on your work is always a good thing, regardless of the field you are in. It gives you the opportunity…

Interpreter Vs Translator: What Are The Differences?

May 09 2018

For any international business to be truly successful, it is crucial that you communicate with audiences in different countries in their language,…

Translation Problems and Solutions

Apr 10 2018

Just as in every field, there are several Translation Problems and Solutions in the translation industry; some are faced by the translators,…



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