What is Notarized Translation?

What is Notarized Translation

Have you ever heard about notarized translation? Notarized translation is a specialist form or translation which is required for certain forms of documentation. Understanding what it is could therefore be vital for making sure that your documents and paperwork are given the right attention. Commonly, it is confused with certified translation services, however, this is […]

7 Tips to find the Best Legal Translation Agencies for your needs

Hiring a translation company is filled with challenges.  When a business is looking for certified document translation services, they need to keep a good eye on certain factors to ensure the translation is accurately conveyed. The translation is tricky in some languages, and to imagine a translation process for the legal document can be a nightmare. […]

TranslateDay.com Blog in Feedspot Top 10 Language Translation Blogs


We are very proud to announce that our TranslateDay.com Blog has been selected by Feedspot panelist as one of the Top 10 Language Translation Blogs on the web. https://blog.feedspot.com/language_translation_blogs/ This is the most comprehensive list of Top 10 Language Translation Blogs on the Internet and we are honored to be part of it! We are […]

A Guide to Choose the Best Translation Company

If you are on the lookout for a translation company for your business, you want to get the best one. You must thoroughly examine your requirements before choosing the one you think it fits your needs the best. After that, you must carefully examine the translation agencies to see if they are specialized in providing […]

8 Reasons to hire Professional Transcription Services

A number of difference publications including finance, legal and medical, universities, media requires a professional transcript in their research of content for analytical purposes. While there are companies that have their inWhile there are companies that have in-house professionals for tasks such as translation of legal documents, there are also a number of companies that lack […]

3 Types of Specialized Translation

Specialized translations are focused on translations that require subject matter knowledge to translate. Unlike standard translation that relies on cursory translations of the text, the goal of specialized translations is to focus on matter experts subjects to translate the content, so it is not a general translation. The role of official translation of documents in international activities […]

Benefits of being a Translator

Global translation services are very important because they act as a communication medium between two languages. Translators connect two languages, two different cultures, and two very different people. This job is still very important and prevalent on a large scale. What Are The Differences between interpreters and translators?  Being a translator is also a very sensitive […]

Technical Translation Guide: Definition, Process, Benefits, Role

1. Technical Translation Definition Technical translation involves translating documents or materials concerning technical and scientific subjects and using the specialized terminology of the technical or scientific field involved. This kind of translation covers the translation of different types of specialized texts.  Technical translation thus requires a technical translator who has an in-depth understanding of specialized terms […]

Top 6 Companies Needing Official Document Translation Services

legal documents translation

In today’s shrinking world, international business, medical services, sporting activities and legal services are rapidly increasing. All of these activities involve several documents – bills of lading, tax invoices, birth certificates, medical fitness certificates, contracts, agreements, and other types of Official Document Translation. They will of course be written in the language of the country […]

When Do I Need a Birth Certificate Translation Notarized

Birth Certificate Translation Notarized

When it comes to Birth certificate, such an important legal documents, you should know that there are several cases when you not only need to provide a birth certificate translation, but also a notarized birth certificate translation. In the event that you ought to get a report professionally translated, you might be requested to give […]