Which Languages should I Localize my Website in?

Languages to localize a website

Although translation is involved in localization, the main purpose of localization is to make a product feel as though it was designed specifically for a certain target market. All translations require precise work by specialized translators, but translations involving localization require greater understanding of cultural components and linguistic issues. Other concerns, for example, will not […]

Reasons to Hire a Single Translation Agency to Handle All of your Translation Needs

Hire a single translation agency

Before you invest in anything, you should always think about minimizing and spreading your risk. It may be hard for a single company to pay particular attention to security, fool-proof reasoning and testing. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself that letting one provider handle everything does not sound very safe. Do not put all the eggs […]

How to Keep and Develop your Language Skills for your Job?

Keep your language skills

Learning a new language requires a lot of dedication and effort. However, learning a language is not the only challenge, retaining language proficiency and keeping skills up to date is the next major issue, especially if the language is your source of income. Even after achieving fluency, most language learners must continue to discover methods […]

The importance of quality translations for the leisure industry?

The leisure industry is broader than you might think. According to Educalingo: ¨The leisure industry is the segment of business focused on entertainment, recreation, and tourism related products and services¨. Which means that: film, music, media, attractions, cultural events, the night economy, sports, vacations, hospitality, transportation and many more sectors are part of the leisure […]

Role of Translation and Interpretation in Diplomatic Communication

Translation and interpretation in diplomatic communication

The recent crisis around Ukraine has sparked global diplomacy. Highest representatives of various countries are constantly in dialogue which aims in reducing the risk of conflict and finding solution which will satisfy all parties involved. Issues currently discussed all over the world are very serious, the relations between countries are fragile and sensitive. Continuous diplomatic […]

The hardest thing in translation

The hardest thing in translation

Translation is not an easy task. Languages have been evolving for thousands of years to become completely different from each other, not only considering vocabulary but on many different levels. These days the need of proper translation is greater than ever, people have developed Artificial Intelligence translators and other tools, yet those are not able […]

Why is communication important in translation?

The importance of comunication in translation

The importance of translation services in the modern world is greater than ever. One might think that it is not relevant anymore due to popularity of English worldwide, but this statement is wrong. As much as translation might not be necessary in regular conversation, it is crucial in more serious cases. It is true that […]

The importance of Patent Translation Services

The importance of Patent Translation Services

Globalization creates opportunities in a modern word. A company that has succeed in its national market is likely to expand abroad. The market is gigantic, but human creativity knows no boundaries and we are always inventing new things. Nowadays, medicine is so advanced that new medicines are created on a daily basis. It is very […]

What is the Goal of Specialized Translation?

The Goal of Specialized Translation

We live in a world interconnected by technology, commerce and communications. Millions of people from different latitudes carry out all kinds of exchanges daily. Whether for personal or professional needs, there are times when a specialized translation service becomes imperative. Commercial, labor, educational or specialized medical translations are some translations we may need at some […]

The History of Translation

Ancient icons in the history of translation

The History of Translation is full of mysticism, legends and theories, and there is probably no way to know which one is right. If only The Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt hadn’t burn we might still have a chance to answer this questions, but, as this is also a legend (and there is no […]