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How to deal with Untranslatable Words

Aug 21 2018

While translating from one language to another, a translator may sometimes come across some words that they cannot find an appropriate alternative…

Top 8 Different Industries that Need Translation Services

Aug 10 2018

Until say 10 years ago, most companies may have thought that they didn’t need translation services, simply because nobody was thinking of going…

Certified Translation vs Notarized Translation – Complete Guide

Jul 25 2018

Sometimes when you are requested to provide a document that was not originally written in English, you are oftentimes asked to prove…

Understanding 12 Different Types of Translation

Jun 25 2018

Translation is a very fast evolving discipline and its exponential growth is rapidly shaping the Translation Industry. Expert translators here at TranslateDay…

Translation Vs Localization: Understanding the Difference

Jun 18 2018

In the field of translation, one often hears the term localization. However not everyone really knows what it means. Both the terms…

Dealing with Translation Feedback

May 16 2018

Getting feedback on your work is always a good thing, regardless of the field you are in. Positive feedback is always great…

Interpreter vs Translator Differences and Similarities

May 09 2018

Interpretation and Translation are two essential disciplines for any international business to be truly successful, because it is crucial that you communicate with…

Top 10 Translation Problems and Solutions

Apr 10 2018

Just as in every field, there are several translation problems in the translation industry; some are faced by the translators, and some…

9 Most Common Translation Mistakes Made By Translators

Feb 27 2018

Even the most experienced translators incur in translation mistakes. Translation of any kind of document is a complex, technical job that demands…

9 Tips for Translating Legal Documents

Jan 31 2018

Are you looking for some free tips for translating a legal document that is in another language? Translating from one language to…



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