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The 10 Most Spoken First Languages in the World – 2022 Updated Edition

Jul 21 2022

There are over 7000 languages spoken in the world with different sounds and history. Some languages are most spoken than others depending…

Learning Languages From Home – The Complete Guide

Mar 10 2021

People often recognize that being multilingual is associated with career benefits, but did you know that language learning can also enhance your cognitive health?…

What is a False Friend? The Complete Guide

Sep 11 2020

Have you ever felt that a word from another language, say, French, Spanish or German, means the same thing as an English…

Top 7 Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Apr 09 2020

Those who are fluent in multiple languages ​​often have an advantage in the professional world of business, especially if you often work…

7 Most Difficult Languages to Learn for Native English Speakers

Feb 07 2020

If you are willing to learn a new language you should be aware that for certain speakers some languages might be a…

Tips To Start Learning A Language On Your Own

Jul 12 2019

The world is rapidly evolving to be more multicultural. People throughout the world are interacting more than ever before and that has…

5 Steps to have a Growth Mindset when Learning Languages

Jun 10 2019

The world has been reduced to a global village, thanks to modern technology. This has directly impacted on communication as one can…

8 Best Ways to Learn French on your Own

Sep 24 2018

So you have decided to learn French as your new language to improve your prospects in the language world or the translation…

The Benefits Of Learning a Foreign Language

May 23 2018

You are probably familiar with many of the advantages that learning a foreign language can bring to your professional career. But do…



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