How to Apply for U.S. Immigration from Canada?

how to apply US Immigration From Canada

The steps on how to apply for US immigration can be quite rigorous and full of specific details. First and foremost, an applicant must hold a green card, which signifies permanent residence in the U.S. and can be obtained through marriage (application may only proceed after three years of residence), family, employment (family and employment both require residence of five years) or investing.

Applying Canada to US immigration does not always guarantee a successful end. Six months of continuous residence is required, but longer periods may be needed for qualification. If one applies through marriage, eighteen months of the three years should consist of continuous residence. Family and employment require consecutive thirty months of the five years. If an applicant has to leave the U.S. for more than a year, he or she will have to provide proof of intention of permanent residence through a re-entry permit before leaving. Three months of residence is also required for the state the applicant intends to apply to.

For employment, several forms will have to be accomplished, as well as biometrics and interview. Through family relations, proof will have to be presented. However, not all requests are granted as certain conditions should be noted. Immediate family members are more prioritized.

Once the process of Canada to U.S. immigration is complete, the visa number will have to be obtained, an immigrant visa interview will be conducted, and medical exams, vaccination, and fingerprinting may be required. The applicant can then finally apply for a social security number. This opens the door for employment and business opportunities for the successful applicant.

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