How Do I Get a Certified USCIS Translation for Immigration?

Certified USCIS Translation for Immigration

Upon processing your visa application in the immigration office, you might have probably realized that copies of your personal documents as well as their English translations are required. Getting certified USCIS translation for immigration can be a little troublesome, but with the right services, you’ll be able to easily get things done.

Simply scan and email your documents to your preferred translation agency. Set the time of the deadline and then wait for the agreed date. Some agencies provide soft copy of the USCIS translation beforehand so you will be able to review it. Once you have approved the service, the agency will send you the hard copy.If your agency doesn’t provide that, you can simply try to contact them and add the request. Set the date of the deadline prior to the deadline for the hard copy document. You can request to have the electronic version of the English translated document a week or two before the final submission.

Find the agency that supports many different languages. Oftentimes, the receptiveness and readiness of an agency to accept any kind of languages can tell how reliable and accommodative it is to their clients. If you’re going to find online translation agencies, make sure you pay attention to their background and specialty. It is important as well to pay heed to their years of experience in the profession. Finally, make sure that their translators are professionals and the agency can provide official certification.

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