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7 Tips: Choose a Translation Company to Translate Legal Document

Oct 14 2020

Hiring a translation company is filled with challenges.  When a business is looking to hire translation services, they need to keep a…

Original ways to practice English

Oct 08 2020

Learning English is something challenging to do, but practicing it is even more challenging. We need to make sure that anything that…

What are the False Friends?

Sep 11 2020

Have you ever felt that a word of another language, say, French, means the same thing as an English word just because…

Main Differences Between American and British English

Aug 10 2020

When someone mentions the English language, you likely don’t immediately think about the specific type of English that they are referring to…

How Many Dialects Does English Have?

Jul 06 2020

English has rapidly grown into becoming the global language of communication and business. Thanks to the spread of the culture and subsequent…



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