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How Many Dialects Does English Have?

Jul 06 2020

English has rapidly grown into becoming the global language of communication and business. Thanks to the spread of the culture and subsequent… Blog in Feedspot Top 10 Language Translation Blogs

Jun 12 2020

We are very proud to announce that our Blog has been selected by Feedspot panelist as one of the Top 10…

The history of the Spanish language

Jun 01 2020

Spanish (español) or Castilian (Castellano) is a Romanic language and, in terms of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese the most widely spoken…

A brief history of the English language

May 11 2020

Have you ever wondered how English, with its 750,000 or so words and 1.6 billion speakers in every corner of the world…

Top 7 easiest languages to learn

Apr 09 2020

Those who are fluent in multiple languages ​​often have an advantage in the professional world of business.  In this article you can…



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