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Top 3 Technology Trends in Translation Industry in 2023

Jan 11 2023

In today’s world, translation is becoming increasingly important. A large proportion of companies and governments now publish and communicate their content in…

9 Most Translated Books in the World – 2023 Updated Edition

Jan 10 2023

Reading is equivalent to having a person speaking to you. Books are a great escape if you need to get a glimpse…

How does Australian English differ from American and British English?

Dec 16 2022

When someone asks you to write something in English, you do not immediately think about the dialect or type of English you…

7 Most Common SEO Mistakes on Multilingual Websites

Nov 21 2022

Taking your firm to international markets can significantly expand your reach. It does, however, take time and effort. Learn how to avoid…

5 Most Important Business Communication Languages for Companies

Oct 21 2022

When we talk about languages, it quickly becomes about communication, a way of exchanging meanings by responding to each other’s signals. We…

10 Reasons why Professional Translation is Important for your Business

Sep 13 2022

Do you know that a competent translation can be extremley useful to your organization, even it is small or medium size? Although…

Which Languages should I Localize my Website in?

Aug 12 2022

Although translation is involved in localization, the main purpose of localization is to make a product feel as though it was designed…

Reasons to Hire a Single Translation Agency to Handle All of your Translation Needs

Aug 01 2022

Before you invest in anything, you should always think about minimizing and spreading your risk. It may be hard for a single…

How to keep and develop your language skills for your job?

Jun 15 2022

Learning a new language requires a lot of dedication and effort. However, learning a language is not the only challenge, retaining language…

The importance of quality translations for the leisure industry?

May 19 2022

The leisure industry is broader than you might think. According to Educalingo: ¨The leisure industry is the segment of business focused on…



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