Best Industries or Companies that Need Translation Services

agosto 10, 2018
Companies That Need Translation Services

Until say 10 years ago, most companies may have thought that they didn’t need translation services, simply because nobody was thinking of going global, and/or because they thought that it was too  expensiveHowever that is not the case today; we are living in the digital age.   

Thanks to the internet and explosion of ecommerce technologies, even small businesses can go global; many cities around the world have become global communities. These are some of the companies that most need to know the role of official document translation in international activities.  

But this also meant that any business looking to tap into new markets would need content in the local language. Interaction between customers and businesses becomes difficult when information is not made available in a language familiar to them. 

Undoubtedly, websites need to be available in several languages – wherever your business operates. But it doesn’t stop there. Social media is a huge part of our lives today, and helps you reach wider audiences in very short times. Your followers can help you make your posts go viral by sharing, liking, commenting, tweeting, and pining. Just as you engage with your US customers in English, you need to be able to engage with your customers in other countries in their native language – be it Spanish, French, or Hindi. Of course this is easier said than done, because unlike websites, social media content is published every single day, on multiple platforms, and often several times a day.

Here are the companies that need translation services the most:

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Lawyers and law firms often need translation services for several reasons. In the US, there are several recent immigrants who are still not very proficient in English, and may need important documents translated into their local languages; then there is the situation of international litigation. It could be because the case involves a multinational company which was incorporated, say in Switzerland, and their original documents are in French. Contracts, case reports, witness statements, depositions, birth, marriage and death certificates, judgments – all these may require translation, depending on the situation. And you need experts to do this job – people who have some knowledge of law and local cultures too. The phrasing of legal documents like visa, work permit, marriage certificate or traducción de certificado de nacimiento has to be exact; even one word out of place, or used wrongly, can change the whole meaning, and lead to problematic situations.

Legal document Translation

2. Medical and Healthcare Document Translations

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official document that is required for various purposes like obtaining a visa, university application, etc.

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Medicine is a field where translations are often required because there are manuals, patient records, medical reports, information on medications like dosage, contraindications, side-effects etc., research papers on medicines, and so on and so forth. When healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are looking to do international business they will definitely need to translate a ton of documents into multiple languages including all communication material. So its evident, companies that need translation services includes the medical field.

Medical and Healthcare Document Translations

3. Finance

Bank Statements

Still confused with bank statement translation? Get the expert results from Translateday as we help you translate statements, notarize and certify intended bank at affordable cost.

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With businesses going global, it means more international financial transactions; and we’re not just talking about purchases on Amazon or eBay. We’re talking about huge imports and big business which require the transfer of huge sums of money across the world. This kind of financial movement means tons of documentation, contracts, adherence to local and international regulation and laws, reports, correspondence and more. This means loads of translation requirements. What’s more, the translator needs to know something about finance, laws and so on, to provide the correct business license translation. Without it, there could be misinterpretations and miscommunications, which could eventually lead to big problems. Most of these documents are also time sensitive, which means the translation has to be performed within strict deadlines.


4. Manufacturing

Product Manuals

Are you planning to launch your new products in the foreign market? Don’t forget to translate the product manual as well.

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Whether it’s toothpaste or industrial equipment, there is no denying the fact that manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly global. There is not just stuff like product description and information to be translated, but a whole lot of marketing material – advertisements, brochures, flyers, manuals, user guides, installation instructions, safety norms – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other legal or government documents you may need to translate based on different laws in each country, like tax forms, compliance forms, licenses, patents and trademarks, contracts, and so on. Then there is internal documentation: all kinds of reports – sales, purchase, inventory, salaries employee performance etc. – that are generated by various departments communications (emails, letters) and so on and so forth. That’s a whole lot of documents that require translation. Any company engaged in exports has to ensure that all their documents are perfectly translated or they could invite litigation, have miscommunication, and lose business too. From business related legal document to product manuals translation and others, all must be dealt by experts in translator who are also familiar with technical writing.


5. E-commerce

Online purchasing has increased exponentially – in some countries, it has begun to outperform traditional brick and mortar stores. Ecommerce is also evolving and moving towards a mobile platform with more and more customers preferring mobile devices for browsing and shopping. Mobile ecommerce sales were around $1.4 trillion globally. It goes without saying that it’s imperative for retail giants to have websites translated into several languages to take proper advantage of this trend. Products names, descriptions, and reviews form the major chunk of content on such sites – and with thousands of products that are added to the mix every day, it can become very challenging. Translation software may not be equipped to handle it, but it may become possible for companies with a number of translators on their staff. Now, we can say e-commerce industry come under the companies that need translation services.

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Business License

You need to have a local business permit if you want to have business in a foreign country. Get a local business license with translated to the local language.

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6. Entertainment and gaming

The entertainment industry is growing like never before – be it movies, music, TV shows, animated films or video games. The industry churns out a massive amount of audio visual content that needs to be translated (either for dubbing or subtitles) so that it can reach a wide global audience. TV shows present a bigger challenge as there are new episodes every week for any given show. The Harry Potter series, the Mission Impossible series etc. are a few examples of movies that enjoyed international success because they were translated into several languages. There are also several games that became huge hits worldwide – Assasins Creed, Pokemon Go, Dragon Ball Z and so on – which required translation and native localization.

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Marriage Certificate

Looking forward for a fast, reliable and affordable to translate your marriage certificate? We translate your marriage certificates quickly to meet your immigration or legal requirements.

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7. Travel and Tourism

More people around the world have started travelling internationally. With no-frills airlines, easier visa norms, cheaper accommodation options, and greater number of travel sites, it has certainly become easier for people to think of foreign vacations. Nearly all of the travel sites today make sure that content is made available in local languages, especially information like details of the package, accommodation options and descriptions, the attractions worth visiting, and so on. To take advantage of the travel boom, travel sites must have content with listings in local languages, and multiple language translations. Apart from websites, there is a lot of printed material, like brochures, leaflets and so on; tour operators often ensure that they print this in several languages, depending on the places where they offer their services, and/or the kind of foreign visitors the place receives. For example, the beach destination of Goa in India is popular with Russian tourists, so you will often see menu cards, and hotel sign boards in Russian along with English; you can also find information cards for resident guests in Russian.

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Driver’s License

Are you planning to drive in a foreign country or are you looking for getting your driving license?

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8. Scientific research

The companies that needs translation services now can include the scientific research industry. It’s not just business that has gone global – there is much greater international scientific cooperation nowadays; we have groups of scientists from all over the world teaming up to conduct research. They are often from different countries with different cultural backgrounds and speaking different languages. Obviously, any scientific finding has to be translated into different languages so that people all over the world can read and learn and enjoy the benefits of that research. Here too, you would need the services of a translator who has some background in science, and is equally proficient in both the source and target language.

Patent Document

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