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Languages about to be extinct

Mar 05 2020

Worldwide there are 2500 languages at risk, according to research by the UN organization Unesco. Of the approximately 6000 languages spoken worldwide,…

7 Most difficult languages to learn

Feb 07 2020

Learning a new language can be very satisfying, but like every new skill; practice, hard work and dedication is required! So, which…

A Guide On: How to choose the best translation company?

Ene 14 2020

If you are on the lookout for a translation company for your business, you want to get the best one. So, how…

Most translated books in the world

Dic 23 2019

A book is words, ideas, mindsets, advice and knowledge wrapped up into a portable collection of papers. Reading is almost equivalent to…

What are some of the oldest languages in the world?

Nov 13 2019

As long as humans have existed, language has been the primal tool of communication. Slowly evolving from rudimentary signs to complex grammar,…



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