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How to Change Your Mindset When Learning a Foreign Language

Jun 10 2019

The world has been reduced to a global village, thanks to modern technology. This has directly impacted on communication as one can…

Technical Translation

May 10 2019

Technical translation covers the translation of different types of specialized texts. It involves translating documents or materials concerning technical and scientific subjects…

Most Spoken Languages in the World

Mar 28 2019

There are over 7000 languages spoken in the world with different sounds and history. Some languages are most spoken than others with…

El papel de la traducción de documentos oficiales en las actividades internacionales

Ene 22 2019

In today’s shrinking world, international business, medical services, sporting activities and legal services are rapidly increasing. All of these activities involve several…

¿Cuándo necesito una traducción de certificado de nacimiento certificada ante notario?

Dic 17 2018

There are several cases where you not onlyt need a birth certificate translation, but also a birth certificate translation notarized. In the…



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